With 2017 receding in the rear-view mirror and the benefit of time and post-holiday hindsight, we focus on several themes which dominated the past year’s landscape and continue to affect and direct the course of the current year as we speed toward the second quarter of 2018.  

It’s safe to say 2017 was a year of change, uncertainty and shifting paradigms in our Country and across the Globe. The status quo was disrupted and markets, industries and communities felt the effects as we all grappled with the roller coaster landscape of opportunities. Change, while not always comfortable, or reassuring, is a necessary and positive agent. As a firm, it is our ability to weather change – to flex and grow–that enables us to proactively anticipate and respond to the needs of our clients, partners and community.

Williams + Paddon is proud of the investment and positive design impact we have and made with our client and consultant partners on the physical and cultural landscape of the Sacramento region. Our Region has experienced dynamic changes that are shifting the area’s core and culture as evidenced by the Arena anchored downtown core and revitalized neighborhoods.  To support this development, we have welcomed several new employees in Roseville and our new Midtown location in Ice Blocks III, a space in the heart of what’s becoming knowns as Sacramento’s “Architects Row” on the R-Street corridor. As one of our core values, it was important that we position ourselves within that growing creative community in Sacramento tapping into our rich local talent market as well as reaching beyond our region to ensure we had the right team of experts in place to serve our clients. As our team experienced steady growth over the last few years we were recognized by the Sacramento Business Journal as one of the Region’s fastest growing companies.

We saw satisfying progress on project and client fronts as we forged new partnerships and strengthened old relationships. It was rewarding to see solid progress on long-standing initiatives as our team hit major milestones in planning, design, and development; and we’re looking forward to reaching completion and continued development on several important initiatives in the coming year. We know that our people are paramount to our continued success as a firm. In 2017 it was rewarding to see our team and extended family continue to reach new milestones in their careers and personal lives. It was especially rewarding to see the continued impact our employees have made in their Community taking on leadership and service roles. The perspective, insight and drive to serve has always been at the core of our values as a company, and I am both honored and humbled to see that continued dedication exemplified in the next generation of emerging leaders here on the Williams + Paddon team as we look forward to a record 2018.