Williams + Paddon is proud to share one of our global accomplishments. Terry Green, one of our principals, has been selected to receive an award for 2017 Outstanding Designer presented by our client, Huawei. Terry and his team are selected for the award because of their clear understanding of client needs, creativity, attention to detail, prompt and professional communication as well as their professional performance on several projects including Shenzhen Triangle Conference Villas, Beijing LO2 Exhibition Hall, A3 Remodel and the J4 Training Center Cafeteria Remodel (pictured above).

Huawei is a leading global ICT solutions provider based in Shenzhen, China. They work with several large international architectural firms to keep up with their campus improvements. Williams + Paddon has worked with Huawei since 2010 and has formed a strong partnership through Terry’s effort and commitment.

Williams + Paddon’s work in China began in 2010, during the great recession in the United States; at the same time China’s economy was growing rapidly. Although uncertain about how to communicate in the early stages due to the language barrier, the Williams + Paddon team added Mandarin-speaking architects Yingxi Chen and later Jiajia Feng to help with both communication and design. Our knowledge of China’s business practices expanded and we were positioned to take on larger projects with expanding roles. Terry learned that taking time, building relationships, many dinners and lots of travel miles are required to get business done in China. Over the years, Terry has embraced this practice and his efforts have not gone unnoticed, as reflected in his selection for the 2017 Outstanding Designer award.

Huawei Villas