Edio Vineyards at Delfino Farms



The seasons are changing, and Apple Hill is the place to be. For those who know, October is the time of year when Apple Hill welcomes visitors in all its autumnal splendor. Williams + Paddon recently completed work on the winery and tasting room at Edio Vineyards at Delfino Farms. This new building was designed to embrace its natural surroundings and welcome visitors during the busy high season and the more serene months throughout the rest of the year.

The magnificent views take center stage at Edio Vineyards at Delfino Farms. Nestled in the pines and surrounded by vineyards, we designed a very simple, cost-efficient building for the Delfino family on their production orchard and vineyard in Apple Hill. 



The general contractor on this project, Sierra View, built our first clubhouse back in the late ’90s. That was the beginning of a large amount of Hospitality work to follow, including many interesting and rewarding projects in China. During that time, Sierra View developed an expertise in building wineries and gave us the opportunity to design-build this amazing winery with them.



To realize the Delfino’s vision for their new winery within the project scope, we had to push our creativity for this project. The competing considerations of vision and budget were especially tricky to navigate during programming and design, as unforeseen challenges arose.

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One such challenge was deciding how and where to position the building in order to give visitors a sense of personal connection back to the farm while giving the impression that the building was floating above the vineyard. The deck was a must-have. It evokes an instant connection to the alpine environment and gives visitors the perfect vantage to appreciate the wine’s terroir. It connects visitors to the vineyard below as they enjoy Edio’s wines above the vines where the grapes were grown.

Terroir (/tɛˈrwɑːr/, from terre, “land”) is a French term used to describe the environmental factors that affect a crop’s phenotype, including unique environment contexts, farming practices and a crop’s specific growth habitat.


Delfino Balcony



We knew the budget and space allowed for a limited number of elements, so each feature had to be unique and have a connection in some way to the family. The white metal building with its black roof is perched on a hill; its form connects with agricultural buildings from the past. In the tasting room, crates from the apple orchard line the face of the bar, and over-scaled sconces highlight family pictures. Above the bar, the trellis incorporates replicas of old airplane lights, a nod to grandfather Edio who served in the Air Force for 29 years. The details make this modern space feel anchored in an area so rich in tradition and history.


With the addition of this new facility and the vision of the next generation of Delfinos, this winery will be a must-experience stop on your next visit to Apple Hill.


Williams + Paddon Team:
Terry Green, AIA – Design Principal
Kimberly Navarro, AIA, LEED AP BD+C – Architect
Naaz Alikhan, CID, LEED AP – Interiors Principal


Client: Delfino Farms
Contractor: Sierra View General Contractor
Civil: Cartwright Norcal
ZFA Structural Engineers
Mechanical: Ski Air Mechanical Contractors
Electrical: Perfection Electric Company, Inc.
Plumbing: Mid-Valley Plumbing, Inc.