Gallelli Real Estate

Sacramento, California

Creating “fun places to work”

The offices of Gallelli Commercial Real Estate offered us an opportunity to work outside the box. Starting from programming and space planning through construction phase services, we worked with Gallelli and their contractor to stay within budget yet create a space that the client envisioned. The need was to have an office area that was functional and enhanced work activity but with a lobby that could serve as a gathering place for the company, and a meeting space with clients, consultants and other brokers. With hospitality in mind, we created a lobby that appeared at first glance to be a loft with movable doors to connect and enclose spaces, a large casual living room style meeting area, and a bar area that could be used to watch the news or the NBA! ¬†Warm woods, industrial metal ceiling and lights, rich colors and textures create a warm and inviting space. This office is reflective of the company’s culture: work hard, connect with those around you. The Sacramento Business Journal named it one of the “fun places to work” the year it was built.