Red Hawk Resort Hotel: Site Visit

As architects and designers, nothing is quite as rewarding as seeing our designs take shape. The Williams + Paddon | 19six team took a trip to Red Hawk Resort + Casino Hotel to see their new building come to life.

(click site plan to enlarge)


The design challenge for siting the hotel was navigating the site’s steep slope while maintaining a physical connection to the existing casino. The placement also needed to take advantage of local Sierra Nevada foothill views from its 150 rooms.

Movement was created with the hotel structure with multiple bends towards the southerly uphill direction of the site. The bends created a unique opportunity for placement of VIP rooms at corners. The gesture also broke up the mass, creating a more dynamic statement to the entry porte-cochere.

Warm metal and phenolic panels with extensive glass were chosen for the exterior finishes to connect with the agrarian nature of the site. Our interior designer Clay Pryor Interiors designed the grand lobby, rooms, and connecting corridor with finishes that draw from tribal cultural elements.

The Project Design and Construction Team includes:

  • Level 10 Construction
  • Avanti Builders, Inc.
  • W+P | 19six

We’re quite proud of the work that our team has done to bring this project to life, and we can’t wait to see the finished product when it opens to the public.

Terry Green, AIA
Principal in Charge of Design